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How to Assess Cloud Service Contracts? A Checklist for Trustworthy Records in the Cloud

This content is not available in the selected language. How effective are cloud service providers’ terms and agreements at addressing the needs of records managers and archivists? Research undertaken by InterPARES Trust reveals that the ability to preserve the integrity and authenticity of the data and records throughout their life-cycle is not always clearly demonstrated […] Read more

Research reports

Checklist for cloud service contracts

The following Checklist for Cloud Service Contracts is the final product of research being conducted by the InterPARES Trust Project on current cloud service contracts from a records management, archival, and legal perspective. InterPARES Trust (2013-2018) is a multi-national, interdisciplinary research project exploring issues concerning trust in digital records and data in the online environment. […] Read more


Deux questions juridiques autour des archives numériques : la preuve et la numérisation et les contrats de l’infonuagique

This content is not available in the selected language. Cette conférence cible deux questions juridiques qui concernent les archives à l’heure du numérique. La première partie est consacrée aux conditions à respecter pour donner une valeur probante aux documents numériques issus d’un processus de numérisation d’archives papier, au regard de la loi concernant le cadre […] Read more


Cloud Service Contracts: An Issue of Trust

This article compares cloud service contracts with records management and archival needs to determine whether or not those needs are met by currently available, boiler-plate contracts. It finds that, in general, the requirements of storing and preserving authentic records are not met by current cloud service agreements. It ends by proposing a checklist of requirements […] Read more


La réversibilité des données et l’archivage électronique, ou comment éviter la dépendance technologique

Because the lifecycles of documents and systems are not in line, it is crucial to secure the capacity to exit systems and recover data, i.e. data transferability. This paper aims at giving companies tools against the risk of non-transferability. It first defines the concept of transferability, then identifies the systems involved, the risks connected with […] Read more


Droit du commerce électronique et équivalents fonctionnels. Théorie critique

Since the mid-90s, the principle of functional equivalence has been used as a guideline for the regulation of the information society. Its aim is to give legal value to the use of electronic means during the contractual process. According to this principle, electronic documents or data should be considered as equivalent to paper documents if […] Read more