Checklist for cloud service contracts

The following Checklist for Cloud Service Contracts is the final product of research being conducted by the InterPARES Trust Project on current cloud service contracts from a records management, archival, and legal perspective.
InterPARES Trust (2013-2018) is a multi-national, interdisciplinary research project exploring issues concerning trust in digital records and data in the online environment. For more information see:
The target audience for this document is records managers, archivists, chief information officers, and others who are assessing cloud services for their organization. The aim of this document is to provide a tool to:
– gain an understanding of boilerplate cloud service contracts;
– verify if potential cloud service contracts meet their needs;
– clarify recordkeeping and archival needs to legal and IT departments;
– communicate recordkeeping and archival needs to cloud service providers.
This checklist is a tool for consideration only and does not constitute legal advice. We do not recommend for or against any particular cloud service provider (or the use of cloud services in general). Individuals and organizations should consult legal counsel if they want legal advice on a particular contract.

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