Law and Records Management in Archival Studies: New Skills for Digital Preservation

The information society has deeply transformed the archivist’s environment. New forms of documents and records are emerging that require new skills and new roles.  In order to develop a global, long-term strategy for managing and preserving digital information, the next generation of archivists will have to understand technological issues and be involved in technological decisions in close collaboration with IT experts. In addition, they should be able to take an active part in electronic records management projects, participate in the change management process and provide advice from a medium- and long-term preservation point of view. Finally, archivists should have a better understanding of legal issues. In this respect, archival studies programs should be adapted to allow the next generation of archivists to participate in the chain of trust between the electronic record producer and its user. To illustrate this new trend in education, this paper will present DocSafe, a certificate program in digital information management offered jointly by the University of Namur, the University of Liège and the State Archives in Belgium since 2013.

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